February 8, 2011

Broadreach Extends its Reach

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The Broadreach Family & Community Services Behavioral Health Program has expanded to include Adult Case Management. Broadreach Case Management is a comprehensive individualized service which works with: children birth to 6 at risk of developmental and/or social emotional delay; children and youth birth to 21 who have a developmental disability or have a mental health diagnosis; and now adults who have a diagnosis of developmental disability, or have a mental illness. Currently there are openings for children and adults in both Waldo and Knox Counties. Broadreach’s team of experienced and caring professionals is available to help families who are in need of extra help to access resources in the community to ensure they are getting the help that they need this all year-round.

Program Director Carrie Horne explains, “Broadreach identified the need for these expanded services, and has worked hard to develop additional programming that works to support families in their own communities. These services are especially necessary during the difficult winter that we are experiencing this year”. Some of the specific ways Broadreach Case Managers can assist are:
• Supporting families in accessing and coordinating health services such as dental, medical, specialists and counseling.
• Supporting comprehensive wraparound services and by working collaboratively with families and providers to build a strong support team.
• Providing information, resources and support to assist families in accessing community programs.
• Teaching individuals and families the skills they need to advocate for themselves.
• Supporting families in seeking as assistance from other local, state and national organizations.
• Providing general information on parenting, child development, and family management.
• Providing information about financial assistance and other resources to help families struggling with fuel, legal, child care, housing and other costs.
• Working with children’s preschool programs to assure a positive kindergarten transition.

Broadreach is very excited to offer these critical services to children, families and adults across mid-coast Maine. Please call Linda Baker at 338-2200 (Ext 119) or Carrie Horne at 338-2200 (Ext 117) or e-mail mentalhealth@brmaine.org more information about all Case Management Services as well as other Broadreach programs. You may also learn about our many services by visiting our website at www.BRMaine.org.