December 7, 2012

Free On-Line Parenting Course begins January 1st

Filed under: Prevention Services — Sue Dirosario @ 9:06 am

Are you interested in learning new ways to tackle old problems while raising confident, happy children?  Broadreach Family & Community Services will be offering a new series of online parenting classes to local families with children aged 5 through 12 years old.  Because of grant funds awarded by the Maine Children’s Trust, there will be no cost for parents who want to participate. Being a great parent doesn’t have to be a stressful part of your life anymore.

With Active Parenting Now Online, participants will gain the tools needed for less stressful and more effective parenting.  For those parents who do not have the time or inclination to take a weekly class outside of their home, Broadreach delivers a unique, interactive online option. Active Parenting Now is based on sound psychology, and it provides participants with indispensible parenting help.  The comprehensive parenting class “meets” online and covers a diverse selection of parenting topics. And because it’s an online parenting class, parents can complete the lessons wherever and whenever they like, and review past lessons as many times as needed. Aside from providing parenting help through planned lessons, the online class also allows parents to connect with other parents to hold discussions and complete activities.  Broadreach Family & Community Services has been making a critical difference in the lives of area children and families since 1983.  Each year over 2000 families with children benefit from the agency’s quality education and support programs.  Broadreach has over thirty years of expertise in delivering parenting education, family support, early childhood education and family literacy programming.

Patrick Walsh, certified parent educator and father of two grown sons, will facilitate the course. For more information on how to register for Active Parenting Now, or learn more about Broadreach’s other parent education offerings, please call Patrick Walsh at 207-338-2200 ext 109 or e-mail pwalsh@brmaine.org .