November 17, 2015

Two generous and talented donors give hand-knit hats and mittens

Two very talented and generous anonymous donors have hand-knit 32 hats and 31 pairs of mittens for young children.  Some of the hats will be used by Broadreach’s Family Strengthening Services.  Each year we collaborate with Waldo County General Hospital and Pen-Bay Medical Center in the Click for Babies Campaign.  This winter campaign sends babies home with little purple hats and education for parents about a period of time in the baby’s development when they can seem to cry inconsolably despite seemingly having all of their needs met.  Babies grow out of this phase in their development and the hats and education are a way to teach parents so they can be prepared and become less frustrated at the inability to sometimes soothe a crying child.  The title “Click for Babies” is named after the sound that knitting needles make when crafting the little hats.  Thanks to our own Patrick Walsh for coordinating Broadreach’s donation of hats for this campaign each year.

The other hats and mittens have headed to Broadreach Case Management so that they are available to families in need of warm outerwear for their small children.  These cozy hats and mittens will keep those little heads and hands toasty warm during our long Maine winter.  A special thank you goes out to all the Broadreach Case Managers and Linda Baker who make sure these items are delivered to the families and children who can use them.

We so appreciate the kindness and generosity of people who take the time and donate their resources to make the lives of those we serve a bit better, and in this case, a lot warmer.