April 10, 2017

April Is Child Abuse Prevention Awareness Month

edited pinwheels 

The pinwheel serves as the national symbol for child abuse prevention.  It is a reflection of hope, health and safety – what we desire for children throughout Waldo County and Maine.

April 4, 2017

Unity College Center for the Performing Arts to Host “Why Kids Need Mud Puddles” Place-Based Nature Education Forum

Why Kids Need Mud Puddles

The Dirt on Place-Based Nature Education Sprouts program and panel to explain the Forest Preschool Movement

UNITY, Maine —  The Unity College Center for the Performing Arts will host a forum on place based nature education with panelists from Unity College and the Broadreach program “Sprouts”.

The forum, “Why Kids Need Mud Puddles,” will provide parents, educators, college students and community members with a deeper understanding of the Forest Preschool Movement. Guests will learn about the Movement’s goals, practices and therapeutic applications. This model is currently used in Unity for children of all abilities including those with special needs, and guests will have an opportunity to see examples of the model as it is currently practiced, and offer suggestions about how the program could be modified to serve a wider audience.

Deb Hensley, Director of the Early Childhood Program at Broadreach, will serve as the monitor of the forum. Hensley says, “We are interested in having conversations that matter about the value of providing a preschool model that restores children’s right to play outside,  gives them regular access to and interaction with the natural world, and how such a model benefits children’s physical, social emotional and creative development.”

Panelists will speak briefly about their involvement in the program and respond to questions from the monitor and the audience, who are welcome to contribute their ideas to the discussion.

Child care will not be provided at this event, so while parents are welcome to come with children, children should remain with parents throughout the evening.

The forum begins at 6 p.m., Monday, April 24th. This forum is free to attend. For more, visit the Unity College Center for Performing Arts website.

Please RSVP here: https://goo.gl/forms/o6Oi5G2ORBTVioBG2


About the Unity College Center for the Performing Arts

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