Is it Time To Get A Divorce?

Is it Time To Get A Divorce?

Though it is a terrible thing to go through, sometimes it is better to get a divorce than to stay in an unhappy marriage where both partners don’t have their needs met nor creating an unhealthy environment for the children.

Here are some signs that it is time to get a divorce.

You can’t communicate with each other

Communication is key and one of the most important foundations for a healthy relationship. If you can’t agree on basic things now, later down the road when you need to make bigger decisions, you will have even bigger problems to deal with and the communication barrier will only make it worse.

Good couples know how to express their needs, desires, and wants without blaming their partners in an understandable loving way.

However, just because you don’t agree on things all the time, it does not mean you should consider divorce. It’s moreso about whether the two of you have similar communication styles that actually are compatible with each other and whether both partners can agree on something even if there is an argument.

What is unhealthy is when one partner wants to communicate and resolve issues, whereas the other stonewalls and tends to put the silent treatment.

Different spending habits

Even though people like to think Love wins all, in most marital situations, finances is the biggest reasons why most people get divorced. If you are thinking of getting married, you might want to reconsider if you have a partner who has a completely different spending habit that you do.

You both don’t necessarily have to have exactly the same spending habits, but at least similar in mindset. If you like to save your finances and have a rainyday fun, you most probably should not be with someone who is a lavish spender. While the difference might seem like it balances you out, in the end, you’ll be banging your head against the wall and having big fights over how money was spent.

Having common life goals

While opposites may attract and give excitement in ones life, in the end, people usually like to be around those who are similar to them in interest, hobbies, and mindset.

Though you don’t necessarily have to be a carbon copy of each other, because some diversity and difference in interest is good, you do need to have a similar outlook and perception of the world. There is nothing worse than having one of the most important person in your life not understand your vision and idea of how the world should be.

Both partners should be working towards a common goal or at least agree on an outlook that is similar to each other. You don’t necessarily have to be alone to feel lonely, sometimes you can feel the loneliest when in a relationship or marriage that doesn’t help you realize your potential and actualize.